Funny Twitter Reactions: Between Singer Brymo And Alexis Sanchez

Yesterday, the talented yet underrated singer, Brymo released an 11-track album, Oṣó alongside a music video for the album’s leading single, “Heya”.
He was clearly trying to get a rise out of everyone and make a statement by going nude in this music video and as you can imagine, everyone is freaking out about it!

While we’re struggling to figure out what the correlation between his nudity and the song is, the internet is divided between dragging him and praising him. 

Some are of the opinion that he’s being pretentious and this must be the result of a drug trip, while others are appreciating the ‘rare art form’, calling his nudity pure artistry.
Trust Nigerians to turn the whole situation into a comedy. A creative Twitter user decided to cover him up to be wearing the jersey of Alexis Sanchez. 

Recall Sanchez during his unveiling in January at Old Trafford played a piano.The sight was just so hilarious. See some reactions below

Source: wolexis

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