How Success Got Into Trouble With 4 ‘Hookers’ After Paying 1 Million

Watford City forward Isaac Success paid four hookers £2,000 (N1.1million) for a hotel romp — but failed to score with any of them after drinking two bottles of Baileys. He was then arrested after angrily demanding his money back. 

According to the sun, the Nigerian international who earns £30,000 a week, booked the four girls after spending the night at a lap-dancing club in London’s West End.

In the early hours they were texted the details of the luxury Sopwell House hotel, Herts, where Success had hired a first-floor suite.

Michaela said: We met him and a couple of his mates in reception but they left, leaving just Isaac and the four of us. 

We went up to his room. It was a nice room and I could tell he had lots of money because there were designer clothes in there and Christian Louboutin trainers which can cost £800 a pair. 

He offered us drinks then started boasting about how rich he was. He said, ‘You won’t believe how much I earn in 90 minutes’. The partying started as soon as the money came into our accounts and we all stripped off.

All five of us were squirming around on the bed but after a while we realised the Baileys had taken its toll. 

Eventually, I told him I couldn’t stay any longer and we couldn’t give him extra time. That’s when things started to get nasty. 

There was a lot of screaming which must have woken the entire hotel. At that point the police were called. We were all making a terrible racket. I ended up with a slight cut on my face and a bruise on my arm during the chaos.

Success signed for Watford from Spanish side Granada for £12.5million last July — then a record fee for the Hertfordshire club. He has struggled to make the starting line-up since.

He sat out Watford’s 2-0 away win at Southampton on September 9 but went out on the town in London the following day before hooking up with the girls.

Alexis and Michaela and another 34-year-old escort were recruited by a fourth hooker, a friend of Success’s.

A Hertfordshire Police spokesman said: “Police are investigating an allegation of assault reported to have occurred at 6.30am at Sopwell House in St Albans on Monday September 11.

Source: wolexis

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