Premier League Predictions: Team Wolexis Kicks Off With @Chukamvp and @TheAlchemist___

Chukamvp: Hello Martins, the Premier League season is here and you don’t seem to have much excitement about it. I’m looking towards it, I’ve got belief that Man Utd can push for the title.

Martins: Of Course, It’s Normal That When Jose Mourinho Is Your Manager, You Expect To Push For Every Trophy Available. And As We’ve Often Seen, Jose ‘s Second Season Is Where The Pieces Seem To Always Fall In Place For Him. He’s Plugged 3 Holes (From Last Season) So His Machine Looks Set To Take Of Now, I Have Them As Joint Favorites With City.

Chukamvp: I don’t know about Man City. Kinda concerned about their attacking options. Unless Guardiola is planning a false 9 thing. I mean we are familiar with the talk about Guardiola not being a favorite of Aguero.

Martins: Man City Have Probably The Most Well Rounded Squad In The PL. Where I Feel They Still Have A Problem Is In Central Defense. Stones Is Good But He Needs A More Mature Presence To Partner Him As We’ve Seen Most Times So Again, It Could All Come Down To If Kompany Stays Fit For The Bulk Of The Season, As An Attacking Threat, They’re Well Set Up To Average At Least 2 Goals Per Game.

Chukamvp: So you have them as joint favorites? What’s your top six?

Martins: United. City. Chelsea. Arsenal. Spurs. LFC.

Chukamvp: I’m okay with the top 3. I’ve got a problem with Arsenal if Sanchez does leave. But come on Liverpool at sixth?

Martins: Liverpool’s Defense And Midfield Is Still As Suspect As It Was Last Season. Salah Is A Good Addition But Let’s Face It, He’s Not The ‘Next Level’ Signing They Need.

Chukamvp: Who do you think is dropping? Relegation I mean.

Martins: Tough One To Call But I’ll Expect Palace, Swansea, Brighton, Watford And Burnley To Be In The Bottom 6.

Chukamvp:  Huddersfield?

Martins: I Expect Them To Be A Surprise Package.
Chukamvp: Bruuuuh?

Martins – Lol. Probably Because I’ve Had A Few Favorites There Recently So I’m A Bit Bias. 

Chukamvp: Who do you feel will surpass expectations this season? West Ham look proper with their signings.

 Martins: Without Thinking Too Much About That, I’ll Expect Newcastle To Finish Somewhere From 8-10.

Chukamvp: Who should we look out for this season?

Martins: Riyad Mahrez. He’s My Favorite PL Player And For Someone Who Clearly Thinks He’s Above LCFC Standards, He’ll Be Looking To Better His Last Season’s Performance.

Chukamvp: The season begins with Arsenal playing the Foxes. What’s your prediction and why?

Martins – Arsenal Haven’t Won Their Last 4 Or 5 Opening Day Fixtures So This Could Be A Tricky One To Call. But Playing At Home, I’ll Expect Them To Take This 3-1.

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