Tension Felt at Italy’s Camp as They Prepare for Sweden Clash

Tension Felt at Italy’s Camp as They Prepare for Sweden Clash

Losing 1-0 on the first leg of their World Cup 2018 playoffs qualification against Sweden, there’s some tension felt by Italy as they prepare for the second leg battle at home on Monday.

That current situated was admitted by Azzurri’s veteran defender, Andrea Barzagli, who stated that he and his teammates are feeling the tension since there’s just so much at stake in their home game at San Siro.

Being one of the regular performers in World Cup finals, it will certainly be considered as a major disaster should they failed to qualify this time around as it’s something that hasn’t happened since 1958.

Nevertheless, Barzagli stated that whatever the stake and situation, they are Italy and must get themselves together in the second leg.

The Juventus defender insist that his team must give their all and turn things around as everything simply depends on themselves and no one else.

Moreover, the center back is also hoping for strong support from the crowd at San Siro, Milan to give that morale boost so Azzurri players can overcome Sweden’s challenge.

On paper, Italy can claimed that they have more talent in their squad, but the first leg performance showed that things can easily change on the pitch as the Scandinavian side showed they can put on a strong and collective display.


Source: 1000 Goals.

Source: 1000goals

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